Engineering & Design Excellence

Should we commit to historical monuments’ and iconic buildings’ restoration or to build new age constructions, Moebius Engineering & Design sets itself apart through its set of values and principles.

  • Precision – of measurement, technical estimations and execution

  • Flexibility – for engineering solutions adapted to the projects’ specifications.

  • Innovative Thinking – using engineering and design tools and technologies.

  • NextGen Technologies – across all engineering and design processes.

  • Service Excellence – by delivering projects of the highest quality and using alternative materials

You are welcome to learn more by having a look at our projects and customer testimonials. Technical engineering, structural engineering and design, technical consultancy and assistance, monument digitization, on-site inspection and measurements with 3D scanning technologies are part of our daily routine.

Restoration and New Constructions

The urban and rural landscape is charming in the way it combines old and new buildings.  The cultural heritage of each region and each community rests on the places edifices. From this perspective, Moebius Engineering & Design from the beautiful Cluj-Napoca focuses both on restoring monuments and on building new iconic constructions.

  • RE and Land Evaluation –3D scanning based measurements, existing documentations analysis, beneficiary request analysis

  • Specialized Studies – geo studies, topography studies, expertise, building physics and biology

  • Technical and Structural Engineering.

  • Technical Consultancy – for avises and authorizations, for EU funding

  • Project Management – building objective analysis, work estimations, suppliers’ management, coordination, project inspection and monitoring.

  • 3D Expert Services – measurements, CAD and 3D model, on site works monitoring, as built documentations, building deformations monitoring, reverse engineering.

  • Building and Sites Digitization –3D virtual tours and 3D models

The CAD and 3D technologies has considerably increased the work speed and the precision for building and sites analysis, measurements, engineering itself and inspection activities. Mastering last generation technologies is one of the main advantages that we bring to our customers.

Management Team

The passion for technical and structural engineering and design, for historical buildings and art, backed up by the constant interest for last generation technologies describes best the management team of  Moebius Engineering & Design.

ing. Alpár Kis
ing. Alpár KisGeneral Manager
Structural Engineer
ing. Hadi Szabolcs
ing. Hadi SzabolcsStructural Engineer
Structural Engineer
ing. Biró Csongor
ing. Biró CsongorStructural Engineer
Structural Engineer
ing. Csongor Király
ing. Csongor KirályStructural Engineer
Structural Engineer
ing. Maria-Tereza Tér
ing. Maria-Tereza TérStructural Engineer
Structural Engineer

“The engineering and design team was very prompt and careful with all the details in order to build an original building with organic architecture. Adrenalin Park chalet and the adventure park have grown into a touristic objective itself, due to the quality of the materials, to the unique architecture and its integration in the surrounding landscape.”



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Engineering & Design. 3D Scan & Print. Project Management. Technical Consultancy.


Technical Projects. Structural Projects. Technical Assistance. Expertise.

3D Services

Building digitization. 3D Models. Execution & Deformations Monitoring. As built Documentations.

Reviving the Heritage. Shaping the Future.

Technical engineering, structural engineering, specialized studies and technical assistance for civil and industrial buildings and monuments, powered by CAD and 3D technologies.

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