Technical Engineering

The technical engineering services offered by Moebius Engineering & Design cover the following categories:

  • Civil buildings – residential buildings, commercial buildings, holiday houses, hotels, hospitals, theaters, libraries, railway stations, institutions.

  • Industrial Buildings – production halls, halls, power plants, warehouses, workshops.

  • Heritage Buildings – monument building and churches.

All delivered technical engineering projects respect the laws and standards of the industry:  technical summary, general devis, critical phases schedule, work quality inspection schedule, execution monitoring, material calculations and drawings that reflect the current situation, the designed situation, transversal and longitudinal sections, execution details.


Structural Engineering

Moebius Engineering & Design teams’ experience in structural engineering includes both new buildings and restoration and consolidation projects. We design and engineer:

  • Reinforced concrete structures, in frames, reinforced concrete diaphragms or rigid reinforcements

  • Masonry structures and mixed structures

  • Metal structures

  • Wood structures

  • Special structures from composite materials

Depending on the buildings’ destination, its’ location, height regime, desired materials and execution technologies, each structure is individually engineered and designed for each project.

How we work?

Expert Studies & Investigations

For ensuring high quality engineering and design projects and for a proper preparation of execution works, Moebius Engineering & Design provides and coordinates the following expert studies:

  • Geo-technical Investigation – the nature of the foundation terrain type will dictate the buildings’ structure type and dimension

  • Topography Survey – crucial for the correct site plan location and dimension

  • Technical Expertise – in order to evaluate the necessary protection against gravitational overload and earthquakes, for intervention works (consolidations, extensions, over stacking, re-compartmentation, joining on to blind walls) and for building demolitions

  • Building Physics Investigations – micro climate and environment, thermal protection, waterproof protection, protection against noise

  • Building Biology Investigations – identification of bio degradation agents: bacteria, fungi, algae, lichens, superior plants, insects, birds, animals; and the determination of species that affect the constructive elements.

The studies and investigations are done in cooperation with expert engineers in each field, so that all evaluations and investigations meet the highest accuracy and precision request.


Project Management

Moebius Engineering & Design din Cluj-Napoca offers specialized building & construction project management. The project management main stages are:

  • Feasibility analysis and definition of objectives

  • Project planning highlighting the main stages and setting acceptable deviation margins

  • Execution costs estimation according to execution plan

  • Recommendations for constructive solutions according to the effectiveness druing exploitation principles

  • Contracting specialized suppliers and execution works

  • Coordinating and controlling activities and resources during the project and execution

  • Monitoring progress and ensuring cost, quality and time parameters

The final goal is to make sure that all the building and investment objectives are done according to the specifications agreed with the Beneficiary.


Technical Consultancy

Moebius Engineering & Design from Cluj-Napoca may also contribute to your projects through specialized technical consultancy. You may contact us for:

  • UE funds obtention

  • Obtention of building avises, agreements and authorizations

  • Technical project optimizations

Our principle is that a well-done consultancy before starting the project will turn into risk minimization and the projects’ efficiency and effectiveness increase.


Technical Assistance

Often field investigations, debates on the technical alternatives or on material and works evaluations determine the success of a project. Moebius Engineering & Design may assist you on the following:

  • Field interventions for unexpected situations during execution

  • Technical alternatives and compatible solutions

  • Material selection certification

  • Quality inspections for materials, technologies and the correspondence between field works and planned works

We encourage you to ask for technical assistance services any time is the situation requires it, in order to prevent unnecessary spending and to ensure a better deadlines control.


Software Engineering

One of the main competencies of Moebius Engineering & Design is software engineering. It brings higher value to our engineering & design services because they allow a fast integration of new generation technologies within our activities.  Our capabilities include:

  • Requirements specifications

  • Software architecture and design

  • Programming

  • Testing

  • Technical maintenance

Having a considerable experience in designing and developing software for the building and construction industry, we invite you to analyze together your company and projects’ specific needs.


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Technical engineering, structural engineering, specialized studies and technical assistance for civil and industrial buildings and monuments, powered by CAD and 3D technologies.

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